(self) questioning

Recently, I have realized that how important it is to ask questions while reading (reviewing our colleague’s code), to make better a decision and to explore possibilities while resolving a problem. I’ll try to explain why questioning is important here.

I think (after informed by those books in the reference and my own reflection) there are several benefits:

  • To make sure that you understand correctly before making a criticism (more: reference 1)
  • It activates our analytical brain: exploring possibilities (more: reference 2)
  • To make a better decision (more: reference 3)

Simply we can ask ourselves following questions: why, why not, what if  kind of questions that can activate our analytical brain and widen our perspective. Thus, we are starting to explore/brainstorm the possibilities instead of limiting ourselves by the System1 which is automatic response of our brain in current situation.

So if you only do what the requirement says without self-questioning, you may say that you did a job done but the true value of your work is less valuable than the job that you could have done while questioning yourself.

In other words, the work you have done without self-questioning, you execute only the given work. But when you question yourself, you may figure out what customers are trying to solve. And if you have courage to tackle it through experiments in order to help them, your work would be much more valuable than before, you not only execute but also took the initiative and having better result.



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